Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park offers the use of its BBQ facilities at no cost to visitors. Multiple BBQ pits are available and you can reserve one in advance if desired. The park’s spacious and shady seating area is the perfect place to unwind after a leisurely stroll among the animals. Hand-feed the wildlife, then treat yourself to a delicious meal using the BBQ facilities.

Serene Picnic Spot

Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park boasts a lovely grassy and shaded picnic area that is open for use by all visitors. The area surrounds one of the park’s billabongs and provides a lush environment for both the zoo’s animals and local wildlife. Spoonbills, ibises, and swamp hens are frequent visitors to the site.

Bring your picnic basket and blanket and spend a tranquil couple of hours surrounded by nature at Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park.