About Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park

Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park is a privately funded zoo and wildlife sanctuary located in Australia. Our goal is to be the premier boutique zoo in Australia by providing a unique and personal experience for each and every visitor. Our dedication to breeding endangered species, is just one aspect of our commitment to the long term future of Australia’s wildlife.

A New Era for Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park

In September 2019, Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park was purchased by Bradley R Holland and his private business partner, marking the beginning of a new era for the zoo. Previously known as the Peel Zoo, the rebranding in August 2020 symbolizes the vision and dedication to providing the best possible experience for visitors.

A Hands-On Experience

At Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park, we offer a unique “Hands On Experience” that sets us apart from other zoos. Our team of knowledgeable and friendly volunteers will ensure that you have a memorable visit, whether it’s holding a Stimsons Python or patting a kangaroo. We strive to create lasting memories and leave a lasting impact on each and every visitor.

Rave Reviews

We’re not the only ones who believe in the magic of Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park. Visitors from all over the world have raved about their experiences, with comments such as “Better than Perth Zoo” and “Beautiful creatures”. Our staff is dedicated to providing the best possible experience, and it shows in the feedback we receive from visitors.